The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. It’s an uncertain time with lots of unknowns, and while we don’t have all the answers, we want to share what we know and give our customers and other small businesses some advice that might encounter changes in their market. According to Google’s company announcement, “Since the first week of February, the search interest in coronavirus has risen by + 260 percent globally,” which has worried people across the globe. From social distancing to curfews and government and state-mandated closures, businesses are suffering the hardships of COVID-19.

Authorities are advising people to stay home, as the situation may continue for a while. While some companies are open to remote operation of their employees, others can not. Small businesses would also be negatively affected as consumers go out less and turn to shop alternatives. Small companies will need to act quickly and plan to take advantage of the turnaround and brace themselves for the effects of Covid-19.

But government has finally decided to allow 33 percent of the staff of the Information Techology and biotechnology companies to work from office. As government only allows 33% staff to work from office so the rest staff is working from home only. So they don’t need a bigger property to work from. Now these corporates are choosing coworking spaces over their traditional office space as there are less number of peoples and coworking spaces are proving great facilities. This is the reason why coworking industry are growing exponentially.

Once the pandemic passes, more businesses will more likely give flexible working arrangements the tick of approval, which would include shifting away from traditional office spaces to more co-working spaces. As long as hygiene practices and health precautions are enforced, coworking spaces provide an alternative for businesses in need of a substitute workspace that may prove useful.


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